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All the power of Midtown Comics in the palm of your hand!

Ordering for in-store pickup is easy and FUN!

Just place the back issues (that’s comic books over a month old) in your cart and proceed to checkout as you ordinarily would. For shipping option, select the store of your choice, and pay with a credit card.

You’ll receive an email when we’re ready to send the comics to the store, and within three days you’ll be able to pick them up at the counter. You’ll receive another e-mail when your order has arrived at the store of your choice. Just bring a printed invoice and the credit card you used.

International customers:

If you’re planning a visit to NYC soon, this is a great way to order back issues from Midtown Comics, with NO shipping charges! Just pickup in-store during your visit.

The fine print:

This program only works for back issues at the moment, so if you have any new releases, graphic novels, or merchandise in your shopping cart you won’t be able to choose a store for pickup. All our back issues online are discounted already, so you can’t double up by using in-store discount programs or coupons. Please come in to pick up within two weeks to ensure your order is still readily accessible. And there are no exchanges, so please review your order before you leave the store to make sure you’re satisfied.

Shop Midtown Comics on ebay, and pick up your stuff FREE!

If you’re in the NY area and would pick up your ebay items at any Midtown Comics location, you can do so FREE! Simply request it at checkout, and we’ll send your purchased eBay item to the Midtown Comics location of your choice for you to pick up at your convenience! (Please note, this is not same day pickup, and could take up to three days for the item to be ready in store.)

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