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Batman Arkham Asylum The Deluxe Edition HC

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Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane is a place of dismal corridors and oppressive shadows—a dark riddle in stone and timber, best left unsolved. Within its claustrophobic walls, the demented and deformed enemies of the Batman brood in padded cells and unlit cellars, dreaming of a day when they might rise up and overthrow the world of reason. That day has finally come.

It is April 1, and the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Led by The Joker, Arkham’s inmates issue a terrible ultimatum to the man responsible for their imprisonment. The Batman must descend into this heart of darkness, confront his greatest foes, and face the truth of his own divided identity—or condemn himself to share their fate.

Written by legendary comics creator Grant Morrison and beautifully illustrated by artist Dave McKean, the timeless, genre-bending tale Batman: Arkham Asylum is brought back to its classic beauty in this deluxe hardcover edition, now with updated artwork lovingly restored by the artist himself!

Item #: 2022032 Diamond code: UCS21060199/0621DC199 ISBN: 9781779513175

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