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Disney Hercules #1

Cover O Incentive Matteo Lolli Foil Virgin Cover

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Written by

"(W) Elliott Kalan (A) George Kambadais (CA) Matteo Lolli

THE CHAMPION OF OLYMPUS RETURNS! The world's favorite demigod-turned-mortal is back, and he's about to embark on the biggest adventure since The Odyssey! The Greek gods don't really get why Hercules chose a mortal life over the opportunity to join them on Mt. Olympus, but since he proved his mettle as a hero many times over, they're happy to enlist his help with missions that require interventions in the earthly realm. So when Aphrodite grants an artist's wish that his sculpture be brought to life, Herc gets the call to clean things up when the newly conscious artwork proves to be more bone-crushingly lively than expected! But after discovering that the rogue statue is just misunderstood, and a little rambunctious (much like himself as a youth), Hercules returns to explain the situation to Aphrodite - only to find her temple empty and abandoned. Is the goddess of love just pouting, or is something more sinister afoot? If you know anything about classic mythology, you know it's going to be the latter! The immortal team of Emmy Award-winning writer ELLIOTT KALAN (The Daily Show) and Gargoyles artist GEORGE KAMBADAIS bring these legends of antiquity to hilarious new life in this brand-new ongoing series. This premier issue also features a pantheon of divinely talented cover artists, including KAMBADAIS, MATTEO LOLLI, FRANCESCO TOMASELLI, and more! GET READY FOR A WHOLE NEW HERO'S JOURNEY! ALL COVERS CARDSTOCK"

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