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"What do Universal Heroes do after they destroy all their enemies and free the universe from all the Supertyrants? Where do they go from here? The answer may surprise you... Such is the premise of Chronicles of the Universe: The Desperadoes, CoTU: The Desperado Family, and CoTU: N-Gen. Chronicles of the Universe tells the story of the legendary Darem family of heroes. The Darems are a mysterious race of super-beings, stronger, bigger and longer-lived than the average person. After saving the universe, they settle down to raise families. But all is not well - even after they destroy all their enemies and archenemies. Rivalries among the brothers soon arise...and their children face impossible pressures to grow and measure up to their heroic and legendary fathers. And to top it off, the government that they helped install has slowly become corrupted, now resembling the evil empires toppled previously..."

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